• Plant Alchemy: Kitchen Style

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The purpose of this workshop is for participants to learn how to use simple household items to create a working Alchemical Laboratory wherein one can prepare Spagyric Tinctures.The Workshop will cover the Theory and Practice of Laboratory Alchemy as applied to the Vegetable Realm.

Karen Hall and Rosemary Vollmar will explain the Alchemical method of preparing Spagyric Tinctures from plants in the method of Paracelsus of the 16th century.The attendees will begin to understand how the spiritual aspect, or ora, enhances the labora, or actual practical laboratory work of the Spagyric Tincture making process and how this method varies from normal herbal tincture making with which they may already be familiar.

Karen and Rosemary will combine their experience to explain, and then to demonstrate, how to make Spagyric Tinctures for yourself. Using their wit, wisdom, and creativity, they hope to show how to use items from around the house so that you can make your own Spagyric Tinctures.

They are allowing plenty of time for questions and answers along with the demonstrations. They will also show how to make Oil of Egg, and will have handouts of links to relevant websites, a book list for those interested in continuing on their own.
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PostedJanuary 27, 2017

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