Fifth Vital Sign Austin - reproductive health class
Come together on Valentine's Day to practice self love and love of community. The Fifth Vital Sign class will cover:
- menstrual cycle awareness and charting
- hormonal and non-hormonal contraception
- menstrual care products
- breast awareness
- diet and...
Posted February 10, 2017
Pole Dance Lessons and Parties
I am available to teach private pole lessons, host your bachelorette party, or provide impressive entertainment for your event! More
Posted February 07, 2017
WORKSHOP: Resiliency in the New World
Are you wondering what's really up on the planet right now and what's your unique role in creating an era of sustainable peace? No matter how conscious you may be, you can still get overwhelmed with the energy of the times. We are literally living in the middle of a massive evolutionary shift... More
Posted February 07, 2017
Psychotherapy for Millennials and LGBT folks
Hey, my name is David Fornos and I'm taking clients for my new psychotherapy practice. Open to individuals, couples, and families.
Supervised by Derek Leighton of Leighton & Associates
Posted February 01, 2017