Calm the EFF Down: Yoga + Adult Coloring Book Funshop
Come join us for a relaxing afternoon of Kundalini yoga and adult coloring.

Participants will spend the first hour and fifteen minutes doing Kundalini yoga & a deep meditation. Afterwards, the adult coloring magic begins while indulging in hot tea and some healthy sweet treats. We...
Posted March 24, 2017
Kinbaku-Shibari Rope Therapy PSW
An ancient Japanese art form with multiple benefits and styles of applications for different results;
Therapeutic/core/ Chakra focus
Preliminary consultation with signed agreement (physical restrictions, limitations & Boundaries of physical contact and...
Posted March 20, 2017
Best Dentists in Austin
Brilliant Smiles is a leading provider of general and cosmetic dentistry for Austin and the surrounding areas. Our doctors have the tools and experience to help you live a life full of smiles and confidence. More
Posted March 16, 2017
Professional Platonic Cuddle Sessions
Lonely, stressed, isolated or just plain curious about professional cuddling? In need of platonic (meaning no sexual behavior) affection and human connection? I am a warm, compassionate, nurturing therapist with open arms eager to cuddle with you. Contact me today and let's spend some quality... More
Posted March 06, 2017
Hire Best Dentist in Austin TX
Brilliant Smiles is a premiere dentist in Austin tx. We are a family friendly dental practice centre that goes above and beyond to provide each patient with personalized care and treatment. More
Posted March 02, 2017