• )))))))))))) Get trained by a 20 year-disciplined guitar sensei! ((((((((((((

  • $25
Skilled in the art of '80s power metal, NWOBHM and '70s/'80s rock
and more; Dudeman will guide you in the right direction to learning
the ways of ancient shredders and wailers from around the world.
Soon, you will wield the 6 string like a heavy metal warrior with
a million-note death punch!

============= 1st Day of Guidance: 1st hour is FREE! $10/additional hour =============
1ST LEVEL: $15
- Guitar Mechanics/Tuning
- Stances/Guitar Positions
- Picking/Strumming Techniques
- 1st-Level Chords and Scales
- Tablature Reading
... and more!
2ND LEVEL: $20
- Guitar Tricks (Tapping, Whammy Bar, Etc.)
- Arpeggios
- Intermediate Song Structures
- Soloing Techniques
- Intermediate Chord Progressions
... and even more!
3RD LEVEL: $25
- Advanced Chord/Scale Progressions
- Advanced Tricks
- Classical Song Dynamics
- Stage Moves
- Advanced Soloing Techniques
... and much, much more!

====== Let's get started on your journey to metal mastery! ======

If you are unable to make the journey to my dojo, we can arrange for
an in-home session for $3 more.
Refer a friend, and get $5 off of your next lesson!
Please share this with anyone who craves the knowledge of the shred!

For directions, respond via email link or call now!

Dudeman Delahou

>>>>>>>>>>>>THE DOJO IS NOW OPEN! LET'S BEGIN!<<<<<<<<<<<<
(337) 849 - 0205
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PostedMarch 31, 2017

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