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Come and learn with a pro and Austin's top guitar instructor for the last 8 years. We will learn at your own pace in a casual setting where I will teach you what YOU want to learn.

Rock, blues, folk, metal, indie, slide, shredding, fingerpicking, country,bass, songwriting, any...
Posted April 16, 2018
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Posted April 14, 2018
Hold You charting at Soundclick
#4 as of this posting. Pop Ballad about being forgotten and feeling empty. Music and videos - YouTube & Reverbnation,
.99 downloads available from CdBaby.
Please check out my new Ambient release, THE
God bless your support!
Posted April 13, 2018
Bass Player Wanted For Dark Psyche Rock Band
We are looking for a bass player that is availble to practice weekly, to play live shows, and eventually tour and record.

We sound as if Velvet Undergound meets college radio of the 80s and alternative rock of the early 90s.
Posted April 06, 2018
(304) 518-JAMS
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Posted April 04, 2018
AUSTIN HARMONICA LESSONS Austin Harmonica Teacher. Michael Rubin - michaelrubinharmonica.com 512-619-0761 More
Posted February 20, 2018
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Posted December 19, 2017