• Sensual Talk Therapy Idea

I'm a guy looking for something very different. If this feels totally inappropriate or not something you're interested in at all then please disregard this post. I'm also not looking for anything sexual happening between us or involving any contact. This would be an alternative type of talk therapy with an erotic component. Lastly, I am looking for a woman only in the therapist role. That's not a judgement just a preference, as I know I'd feel most comfortable opening up for a female.

I have some trouble talking about and articulating my sexual fantasies. I just sort of run into a block when it comes time for opening up and sharing. My idea was to find a person who wanted to set up a therapeutic type situation where I could open up and explore, but also include a way of literally getting in touch with my sexual side. I would be touching myself, as a way or sort of exposing the exterior to stimulate the interior. I thought that by engaging in stimulating myself and focusing on my physical arousal while we talk, it might help me own my feelings more and talk about more personal desires.

Not certain if this sounds crazy, and I'm realizing there's an exhibitionist draw there as well, but I want this to be consensual as I'd never want to push this on someone unwanted. This is sort of a shot in the dark experiment.

I'd like it to relaxed as well as therapeutic, and I want your safety and sense of well being to be primary. I'm fine with a public meeting to see if we fit or to gauge your comfort level. You don't have to be a licensed therapist, just someone who wants to listen, talk and give feedback rather than someone with a lot of experience in this area is fine.

I'm very aware of the boundaries between us, and while the session would be sensually oriented, I'm not looking for anything from you besides your role as a therapist. I think that hopefully exploring my fantasies (and maybe my hang-ups) while actually being able to just let go and do what feels good should be somewhat liberating.

If you're at all interested or have any questions please feel free to reply. I'm happy to answer anything you want or discuss any part further.
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PostedJanuary 04, 2020

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