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Bullseye Engagements KPI dashboards combine a visceral graphical interface with a powerful database to provide instantaneous drill-down reporting for any customized key performance indicator (KPI).KPI dashboard tools are quick and easy in creating high performance data visualizations. The dashboard is malleable and can be customized with ease to meet specific needs of each user or group. With KPI dashboards, organizational managements can achieve desired set goals easily. With our KPI dashboards, historic data trends can be investigated; data can be filtered or grouped to identify specific issues. In addition to the actual calculations part, the tool also provides you with perceptivitys in the definitions of the various components of each KIP as well as the different parameters to use. Should you deem it necessary to have an insight of more background knowledge, always make reference to our website which also displays the tool?

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PostedJuly 10, 2017

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