Bullseye Engagements Compensation plan system for your business
Bullseye engagements compensation plan manages employees compensation cost, ensure quality and motivates employees to improve employee engagement. The daunting challenge of getting executives on board with your proposed compensation plan can be managed hitch free, to mitigate the dramatic impact... More
Posted July 11, 2017
Bullseye Engagements Succession plan for your business
With Bullseye engagements succession plan, employees in an organization are being challenged to rethink and realign their talent practices to meet future demands. The succession plan is easy to understand, fully transparent and its success is contingent on the career goals, planning and... More
Posted July 11, 2017
Bullseye Engagements Employee engagement solutions
Bullseye Engagement employee engagement software plan provides leaders and managers with insights and tools to motivate employees to provide their best efforts enthusiastically and on their own terms. It helps employers to assess employees opinion on key issues and shape an engaging high... More
Posted July 10, 2017
Bullseye Engagements Employee performance management system for your business
Bullseye Engagements employee performance management system aids in maintaining an all round tab on the performance of your employees by getting them appraised in an unbiased manner by their mangers, subordinates, clients peer group and the employee himself. The direction of your employees... More
Posted July 10, 2017
Bullseye Engagements KPI Dashboards for your business
Bullseye Engagements KPI dashboards combine a visceral graphical interface with a powerful database to provide instantaneous drill-down reporting for any customized key performance indicator (KPI).KPI dashboard tools are quick and easy in creating high performance data visualizations. The... More
Posted July 10, 2017
Assistant Manager/Cashier
Seeking friendly, honest person with customer service, cash handling, and key holder experience.

Up to 35 hours per week available at neighborhood market/deli:

~ Closing Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 4pm - 11pm
~ Opening Saturday 7am - 3pm

Posted July 09, 2017
Repair Technician
We are currently seeking a Repair Technician to join our Global Service Team, based out of Austin, TX. This entry level role is an excellent position for someone who is handy and who has a knack for troubleshooting and fixing things (especially if those things involve mechanics, hydraulics or... More
Posted July 06, 2017