• Austin Barefoot Massage ~~~ Deep Tissue Therapy

Ashi Atsu is the little known secret to deep and total relaxation. Enjoy the pressure and relief found by barefoot massage. I have been practicing as an L.M.T. for twenty years in South Austin, now specializing in Ashi Atsu (Barefoot Massage). Rates: $75.00. One Hour. One hour and a half $110.00. Two Hours $150.00 V.I.P. Session: $110.00. Start with a soothing herbal bubble bath (fifteen minutes) followed by One Hour of a Luxurious Deep Massage. Draping is always to your comfort level. THE ROYAL TREATMENT: $185.00. Two Hours! Begin with a pampering herbal bubble bath then be prepared to meltdown with a deep and dreamy massage. Pressure to your comfort level. Man Scrub: $110.00. One Hour. The Man Scrub goes beyond what a typical shower does giving you an exhilarating cleanse lifting away layers of dull dry skin. First, while seated an exfoliating scrub is applied starting from the shoulders massaging in a circular motion continuing to the ankles. Stimulating circulation while washing away impurities in a warm shower. A body scrub treatment will ultimately leave you feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Followed by a moisturizing lotion application. The Deluxe Man Scrub: $150.00. One Hour and a half. Start with an Invigorating Body Scrub Treatment (30 minutes) followed by one hour of Ashi Atsu. The Deepest Most Luxurious Massage on the Planet. By Appointment Only. Anne L.M.T
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PostedOctober 09, 2017