On this date, 4 August 2017, I/we the undersigned Owners(s), do hereby formally make public notice that I/we have acknowledged the below described deed, taken delivery, accepted the deed, taken possession of the land described herein and do, in fact, occupy said land. I/we the Owner(s) have claimed the “Forever” benefit of the original Land Grant/Patent for this land. I/we hold this land in Fee Simple/Allodium, in the chain of title from the original lawful Land Grant/Patent, including all appurtenances and hereditaments. To the best of my/our knowledge there is no lawful claim against this land and I/we believe there is no evidence to the contrary. - If any party, man, corporation or other, claims any interest in the below described land, the party must come forward within ninety (90) calendar days and state your claim, or forever hold your peace. Your claim must be lawfully documented by providing the wet ink signature documents that prove your claim against this land. Failure to state your claim within ninety (90) calendar days from the date of the posting of this Public Notice, will forever bar any and all claims. Failure to state a claim within ninety (90) calendar days will be final judgement by default and estoppel. Herein Fail Not. This Notice will be posted in a conspicuous public place for no less than thirty (30) consecutive days. This Notice will be posted in a conspicuous public place for no less than the incorporated state statutory requirements. - Land description is included in the above referenced Land Grant/Patent, and as commonly known as: - Address: - 3601 Royal Sage Drive - Bee Cave, Texas 78738 - All Claimants must deliver all claims to the Owner(s), by mail, at the following location within the ninety (90) calendar days or default. Default will forever bar any future claims. Herein fail not. - Mail Claims to: - Michael Dwayne Tealer and Vana Jean Tealer - 3601 Royal Sage Drive - Bee Cave, Texas 78738 - Non-Domestic without the US - Michael Dwayne Tealer - Vana Jean Tealer - PUBLIC NOTICE
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PostedOctober 17, 2017